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Our intelligent workplace services include Retainer and Standard commission model


Our retainer model, aka Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) delivery model provides significant leverage to companies that have recurring talent recruiting needs and/or recruit in volume.
As this service structure allows them to make multiple placements at a flat monthly fee that is 50% lower than the hefty commissions being paid to or quoted by other fintech recruiting firms.
This RaaS model allows clients to have our McLean Intelligent Workforce on their team as an extension but in a very cost-effective manner.


This is our standard commission model that is well known in the market. This model serves clients with immediate, short-term talent needs.
Our standard model is specifically designed for companies having a smaller number of employees and where the recruitment procedure takes place a few times in a year. This model works remarkably well for startup companies and small businesses. As we handle your recruitment procedure and assist you in getting proficient employees fit for the position, you can work on growing your company easily.
Our expert recruiters operate in the cleared and non-cleared markets while ensuring clients get maximum value of working with McLean Intelligent Workforce.

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