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McLean Intelligent Workforce (MIW) is one of the top talent acquisition companies that specializes in talent acquisition and provides tailored recruitment solutions. We have a portfolio of thousands of highly-capable individuals in the cleared and non-cleared markets.

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I worked with MIW to find a candidate for a position that was very specific and very difficult to find. They went through at least 30 candidates with me and refined their approach on the fly to address my needs as they arose. We ultimately found an excellent candidate who is EXACTLY what I needed for my business. MIW will work with you to make it happen! I did pay an upfront fee to start the search process, but to be honest, it was well worth it. If I had gone through a big recruiting firm it would have cost me several times what they charged and they probably would have found me a solution that was way more expensive anyways. Basically, if you are a small business and you need a quick, nimble recruiting process that will work WITH you instead of checking boxes, MIW is a great choice.
From an International Fintech company
CEO, International FinTech Company
Mclean Intelligent Workforce (MIW) has been helping Broadleaf. Inc with filling critical positions with our DoD customers for the last few years. The experience we have had with MIW and its team has been excellent. MIW has provided weekly candidate submissions for multiple hires in different areas of expertise for several of our DoD customers in locations throughout the country. MIW adjusts well to last minute changes to job requirements and position updates. Their team has also been very polite and a pleasure to work with.
From a Virginia-based Federal Government Contracting Company
Director of Broadleaf. Inc
We have all been very impressed with the new hire. In many ways he represents an ideal candidate given that his knowledge spans across both network pen testing and application pen testing. I appreciate the thoughtful approach to sourcing these candidates.
From a Fortune 20 Financial Services Company based in Washington DC
- Director, Fortune 20 Financial Services Company
You guys did a great job. The candidate was exactly who I was looking for
CEO, International FinTech Company
Our experience with your team was very positive. We knew it was a hard fill going into this position
Director, Virginia-based Federal Contractor
Of all the recruiting firms I’ve worked with, MIW has lasted the longest!
President, Virginia-based Federal Contractor
I thank you for the great work you guys have done in so little time. I have worked with many hiring companies and your company has been the best one so far. I am very impressed with your efforts and I look forward to many more findings in future
Leading IT Service Provider

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