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MIW believes in people

“We aim to find an objectively perfect match between organizations and the talent pool. We aim to enable and ensure positive long term relationships between employees and employers.”


About Us

McLean Intelligent Workforce (MIW) is one of the top talent acquisition companies that specializes in talent acquisition and provides tailored recruitment solutions. We have a portfolio of thousands of highly-capable individuals in the cleared and non-cleared markets.
We recognize the importance of placing the right talent for the required task. Our recruitment consultants set their sight on getting you extraordinarily competent people who display top-notch performance to make an impact in your company’s success.
We have a team of proficient recruiters and consultants who provide customized solutions to our clients and partners, enabling their business to thrive.
McLean Intelligent Workforce (MIW) specializes in recruiting, selecting, placing, and evaluating the perfect individual talent. Focus on your business as we look after your recruiting needs by helping you find the best candidate suited perfectly for the role.
Forge ahead on the paths of success and grow your business by choosing us as your talent acquisition partner.

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