MIW Search is a nationwide financial executive search firm.

We are headquartered in Raleigh, NC and have a strong presence across all 50 states of the US as well as around the globe. Our process-driven approach allows us to recruit on any position anywhere in the world.

With offices in Boston MA, Fairfax VA and Raleigh NC, we are more than able to exceed our clients expectations no matter how challenging the search, location wise. We have extensive experience working on positions with remote job locations.

Cities We Regularly Recruit In

Baltimore, Maryland
Austin, Texas
Memphis, Tennessee
Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego, California
Detroit, Michigan
Dallas, Texas
San Jose, California
Charlotte, NC
Fort Worth, Texas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Oakland, California
Wichita, Kansas

Boston, Massachusetts
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Seattle, Washington
San Antonio, Texas
Detroit, Michigan
Jacksonville, Florida
San Francisco, California
Indianapolis, Indiana
Denver, Colorado
Portland, Oregon
Kansas City, Missouri
Cleveland, Ohio
St. Louis, Missouri

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tucson, Arizona
New York, New York
Los Angeles, California
Houston, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania