At MIW we specialize in recruiting, selecting, placing and evaluating the best independent talent on behalf of clients in technology, engineering, program and project management, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, logistics and supply chain consulting and other roles in federal and commercial markets, in both cleared and non cleared environments. The reason clients like to work with us and stay with us for a long period of time is because our models for recruiting works and are less expensive than other service providers, while providing better consistent service.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Our Sourcing Partners

With thousands of active candidates in our internal database and a full scope of online platforms, including Indeed, Dice, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, Clearancejobs and others, to source for a wide range of jobs, we are able to work on any position anywhere in the country. Our network also spans across hundreds of highly qualified individuals that helps us fill vacancies at our clients’ companies very quickly.

Cost effectiveness

The usual contingency based commission approach can easily make a significant impact on any company’s bottom line. As opposed to the usual contingency based commission approach, our Recruiting-as-a-Service model provides significant leverage to companies that recruit in volume, as this service structure allows them to make multiple placements at a flat monthly fee of $3,000 with no hidden costs.

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How it’s better than internal recruiting approach

A strong in-house recruiter who can evaluate technical skills usually costs $5,000-$8,000 per month depending on experience. Our monthly retainer model is $3,000 a month and we provide a team of recruiters who screen resumes and conduct 2 interview rounds before submitting a candidate to you. Our model provides strong leverage for executives and HR professionals who simply do not have the time to go through 100s of resumes and dozens of first round candidate interviews to find the handful of candidates that fit a particular set of requirements

The approach of hiring inhouse recruiters comes with not only cost expenditure of recruiters’ salaries but also the fees for recruiting platforms that any company would have to subscribe to for it’s recruiters to source candidates from. We routinely save our clients $2500-$5,000 a year in platform fees because we have already paid for those subscriptions ourselves or through partners.

Contingent Placements

Our pricing and the Initiation fee aspect

We avoid a commission only service model in recruiting because it creates bad incentives for recruiters to only work on the easier positions (and neglect the harder ones) where they can earn their commission fastest or with least efforts. Our pricing has two components: a $750 search initiation fee to start a new position search, which we subtract from the success fee when a candidate is hired. Our commissions range from 12% - 16% of first year annual salary based on the salary band that position falls into. The initiation fee obligates us to consistently work on the position you assign us, no matter the degree of difficulty and we guarantee at least 3 qualified candidates within the first month of the search process or the client can ask for a refund or apply the initiation fee toward another position. That removes any risk on our Client’s side and holds us very accountable to quick performance.

Hard to fill

Our specialty lies in working on roles where the combination of skills & experience, required certifications, clearance, salary expectations, location, and other attributes makes for a complex search process. Mostly companies hire us to help them fill positions that they find hard to fill internally and they rely on our expertise and extensive industry experience to fill those vacancies for their companies: we guarantee at least 3 qualified candidates within the first 30 days of the search process.

Right match

Our service models are designed to deliver a consistent volume of qualified candidates that are properly vetted through a 3-step process (resume screen + 2 interviews our staff completes) on the positions you assign to us. Most of our recruiters have advanced degrees and are trained to evaluate technical skills, so our screening interviews are rigorous. What our clients love the most about us is our commitment towards providing the right fit that matches all requirements for their vacancies; we strive to deliver high quality results and don’t shy away from hard work.

Partner for Federal Opportunities

MIW also supports government contractors with provision of potential hires for proposal bidding work. So if you’re going after a proposal and/or chasing some other opportunities federal opportunities, we can be your one stop solution for all your recruiting needs

If you’re in proposal bidding stages, we can connect with with qualified candidates who will be potentially convertible into hires, should you win the contract award, and will work with the candidates to get a letter of intent so you have the security that the candidates will stick as you wait to hear back from the government
If you’ve won the contract award then we can work with you to find candidates who you can hire immediately and start capitalizing on the revenue generating staffing opportunities your company has become entitled to.

“We’ve been very pleased with your team's efforts and they are definitely paying off. We submitted one candidate to the prime last Friday, and will be submitting a second candidate as soon as he fills out the application for the position. We’ve tried a few different recruiting outfits before, and this team is by far the most efficient and most productive we’ve come across to date”

President, Maryland-based Federal Contractor

“Of all the recruiting firms I have worked with, MIW has lasted the longest.”

President, Virginia-based Federal Contractor

“We have all been very impressed with the new hire. In many ways he represents an ideal candidate given that his knowledge spans across both network pen testing and application pen testing. I appreciate the thoughtful approach to sourcing these candidates.”

Director, Fortune 20 Financial Services Company

"Our experience with your team was very positive. We knew it was a hard fill going into this position."

Director, Virginia-based Federal Contractor

I worked with MIW to find a candidate for a position that was very specific and very difficult to find. They went through at least 30 candidates with me and refined their approach on the fly to address my needs as they arose. We ultimately found an excellent candidate who is EXACTLY what I needed for my business. MIW will work with you to make it happen! I did pay an upfront fee to start the search process, but to be honest, it was well worth it. If I had gone through a big recruiting firm it would have cost me several times what they charged and they probably would have found me a solution that was way more expensive anyways. Basically if you are a small business and you need a quick, nimble recruiting process that will work WITH you instead of checking boxes, MIW is a great choice.

CEO, International FinTech Company

Managing Director