Your sign to outsource Mclean Intelligent Workforce (MIW) for your Recruitment needs

Mclean Intelligent Workforce Recruiting Agency is an extension of your internal HR or recruiting team. MIW makes an all-out effort to investigate your team, your philosophy, and what individualities are required to shine at your company. 

Mclean Intelligent Workforce works as a staffing and recruiting agency for Contracting positions at Federal and Government positions and for Private Firms. Alongside recruiting, MIW assists clients remain informed with labor market trends and offer consultancy to advance their HR strategy.

MIW’s major strength is in the sourcing and recognition of talent. And this has facilitated MIW in placing candidates in  various industries including but not limited to sales and marketing, accounting and finance, logistics and supply chain consulting, technology, engineering, program and project management, and in federal and commercial markets.

Why do MIW have an edge over In-House Full Time Recruiters?

  • You have to fill a position swiftly and don’t have time to advertise about the job, screen and interview numerous applicants.
  • You have to look for job contenders from outside the company’s networks of populaces.
  • Your requirement is to supplant in-house recruiter during a recruiting spree or development spurt.
  • Your business is signing for technical or hard-to-fill positions and requires a recruiter with a profound understanding of the job.
  • Your corporation hasn’t yet demarcated its culture and is only concerned with skills and experience when hiring.
  • You desire a specialized recruiter to uphold confidentiality as part of a sensitive hunt as  much as an in-house team would do.
  • You have to supplant altogether the requirement for an in-house hiring function.

What are MIW recruiting services?

For numerous organizations, hiring seems like this: You post your job announcements on job placement platforms and wait for the right candidate to apply.

HR personnel are well-aware that in the contemporary job market, that’s simply not adequate. To entice the top applicants you need to upkeep your company’s hiring goals. You need a smarter solution to interest the best talent to fill your openings. 

MIW is here to assist you in doing just that — while presenting our swift methodology to create an improved and faster experience for everybody. MIW broadens your reach to appeal to more competent candidates comprising the top private sector aptitude. MIW provides you with:

  • A vision to deliver its customers with superior and timely services and sustainable way-outs by adopting computerized and sophisticated approaches.
  • MIW provides recruiting services across the US. Mclean has varied experiences of recruiting for USA’s eminent multinational companies.
  • Supreme and nuisance-free services, client ease and fulfillment, establishing better coordination and customer relationship, and ensuring rationality.


MIW’s Methodology

During these spells of increasingly turbulent changes in the government workforce, MIW’s ability to integrate methods such as strategic recruiting, aptitude modeling, performance management, progressive planning and strategic staff planning determines how well we will build and sustain the robust, scalable and capable workforce we need for future growth of our economy.

MIW is a resilient and flexible organization able to adapt to environmental and economic changes & sends a signal to its clientele that its leaders have focused their energies on ensuring not only that recruiting pipelines are healthy, but that employee development priorities and investments are aligned to the mission and goals of the organization. 

The role of leveraging several disciplines to produce an integrated approach to enticing, choosing and developing top personnel can be a formidable task and MIW lives up to it. 

The tactics of strategic recruiting and human capital management has changed, however, as have the tools present for the recruiting agencies to recruit, retain and cultivate its talent pool. To actually participate in the talent marketplace, MIW applies MORE than just the latest employment and staffing practices, but comprehends how these practices underpin and inform foremost human capital management strategies that provide sustenance to the health of a business long after a recruitment drive.


Governmental Inclusive Recruiting:

Attracting, selecting, hiring and retaining top talent at all levels of government requires a human capital strategy that is integrated into a broader and multi-faceted organizational strategy. During these spells of progressively turbulent changes in the government labor force, MIW’s capacity to incorporate strategies, for example, strategic recruiting, aptitude modeling, performance management, and progressive planning decides how well we will create and support the powerful, adaptable and competent government workforce that it needs. Drawing in, selecting, employing and retaining top-aptitude at all tiers of government requires a well-versed recruitment strategy. MIW is a strong and adaptable company ready to adjust to environmental and economic changes. It conveys a message to its clientele that its chiefs have zeroed-in their energies on guaranteeing that enrolling pipelines are robust, and are adjusted to the mission and objectives of the government entity. 


Top-Notch Security Clearance:

As security guidelines and modus operandi have transformed, government organizations and contractors have augmented needs for security-cleared personnel. MIW is an extremely recognized security clearance hiring company and offers cleared experts for contracts and venture-based opportunities. We fill a range of positions with on the go security clearance necessities, up to the top-covert level, comprising professionals in IT, Procurement/Contracts, Finance, Accounting, and Organizational Support personnel. All applicants’ clearance requirements are fully scrutinized by our internal security lineup preceding the submission, guaranteeing no time is gone astray in making an allowance for candidates who are out of scope or whose investigations are out-dated.


Contingent Placements and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and MIW’s Models

MIW’s contingency search is an expert service that caters to a specific market need in recognizing and presenting applicants at all expertise levels for our customers’ requirements. These are, but not limited to, positions ranging from Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Programmers, Data Encoders, ranging all the way to Management and Director level positions. Our customers are not only probing in markets where there is probably a reduced pool of competent applicants but they also search for exact applicants, or applicants that are not essentially looking for a certain opportunity. When such is the case, MIW is able to use its in-house sourcing specialists to trace and recognize eminent passive applicants. MIW’s business particular research model has permitted us to house an extremely large database of applicants and robust network links that assist us in knowing the finest candidates in the market for some particular position. We will offer you with the superlative applicants in your market and business who have been subjected to pre-screening already to meet your requirements.


MIW is Enabling Your Corporate with Technologically Motivated RPO Services


End-to-End RPO Services

With the enormous understanding and competences, MIW has been serving its clients with well-developed end-to-end RPO services in the US for years. MIW’s entire recruitment solution incorporates the comprehensive recruiting life cycle. Entirety of your procedure from sourcing to onboarding is covered so that you are focusing your resources on revenue generation.
Our staffing services are tailored with respect to your organizational needs. MIW ensures that its methodology fuses well with your company’s dynamics, worth, and management.
MIW’s end-to-end RPO solutions will cater to your extended HR team and will be going to assist you to align the resources. MIW will carry-out all reference checks; guarantee the applicant is from the top of the market candidates available.


Why choose MIW Contingent Workforce Solutions?

1. Adaptability

To upkeep the developing requirements of your business, MIW enables you to engage in specialized aptitude to shrink your workforce.

2. Efficacy

MIW helps you in boosting your productivity, growing your revenue, and reducing your expenses by signing crucial employees.

3. Personalized Solutions

MIW’s team is capable of recognizing the fit that is paramount for your business based on your objectives and values

4. Best Economical Choice

MIW will cut costs wherever it can and will reap you the benefits of competitive pricing.

5. Effective Selection Methodology

The efficient selection procedure guarantees that you will obtain finest candidates that meet your requirements and surpass your hopes.

6. Swift Turnaround

As we sail across the talent landscape, MIW pays attention to other requirements. The hunt procedure will be expedited without compromising the excellence of the applicants

We catalyze Business Success through Performance by adhering to following objectives: 

  • Accessing sourcing and screening support to increase your team’s productivity.
  • Diversifying your talent base.
  • Eliminating the managerial workload on your team.
  • Accessing superior technology and analytics to apprise personnel planning and recruitment approaches.
  • Scaling resources up-or-down to bring into line with demand.
  • MIW possesses a centralized approach to multi-dimensional hiring.
  • Providing flexibility to cultivate your business anywhere and at any moment by utilizing local recruitment expertise and tailored approaches to cultural nuance.
  • Reinforcing worker mobility.
  • Forecasting your future talent needs.
  • Minimizing goal deferrals ascending from unavailability of essential talent.

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